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Pastoral Care and Safeguarding

Pastoral Care

Central to maintaining the happiness of our students in school is the pastoral care we offer. The pastoral system is built around a student’s Head of Year, a non-teaching Pastoral Manager and a team of year tutors. The pastoral team is complemented by a number of dedicated professionals who can support the specific needs of our students. These include:

  • Director of Safeguarding
  • Director of Behaviour and Inclusion
  • Counsellors
  • Learning Support Assistants

They all work closely with a range of external agencies who can add to our pastoral provision.

The person with the key responsibility for a child’s pastoral care is their tutor. The tutor will encourage students to demonstrate the key qualities of punctuality, preparedness, positivity and politeness as they approach each day in school.  They will check the student’s planner and will communicate with home if there are concerns or issues to raise.  They celebrate the student’s weekly achievements through the merit stamps that they have received from their teachers and they will also have regular conversations about the importance of good attendance, issuing coloured dots on a weekly basis which will be stuck in student planners so that they are aware of their attendance zone.  Please see the attendance section of this website for an explanation of the coloured zones.

The tutor provides guidance throughout a student’s time in school, reviewing progress, and supporting commitment to enrichment activities and future goals and aspirations.  Finally, the tutor is responsible for the delivery of a bespoke programme covering key aspects of citizenship, RSE, PSE and careers education.

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Safeguarding is about ensuring that children are safe from harm.  This means protecting them from maltreatment, preventing any impairment to their health or development, ensuring that they grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care, and taking action, when appropriate, to ensure all children have the best outcomes.  Child protection is part of this definition and refers to activities undertaken to prevent children suffering, or being likely to suffer, significant harm, including abuse and neglect.

Our staff are regularly trained, vigilant for signs of harm, and are confident about applying our policies to any potential safeguarding issues.  Our safeguarding and child protection work is led by our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and several deputies. Our Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) are:

  • Michele Osborne (DSL)
  • Jane Rayson (Deputy DSL)
  • Mark McCreedy (Deputy DSL)
  • Fran Ward (Deputy DSL)

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Online Safety

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Parents/Carers wishing to access the Online Safety Course and Resource Hub – please see below.


Mental Health and Emotional Support

The links below provide contacts and suggestions for support with mental health and emotional issues.


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